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We are holding a casual meeting before you apply.


Thank you for your interest in VARYTEX!

For those who would like to hear more about our company, we are offering casual meetings (remotely) with our members. If you would like to hear about our company, the atmosphere of the company, and whether there are any positions that match your needs, please feel free to register!

・I am not interested enough to apply, but I'm a little interested in VARYTEX.

・I am considering changing jobs and gathering information about various companies.

・I would like to have a casual discussion about job type, application procedure, and salary.

Those who can apply

・Anyone who is interested in VARYTEX can register.

・We do not ask whether your career matches the job offer or whether you have any intention to change jobs.

・Please refrain from registering for sales, competitive research, scouting, etc.


We will consider roles based on your answers to the questionnaire. Please note that we may decline to interview you if we are unable to introduce you to a suitable role.



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