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A new option in Kampo medicine

VARYTEX is the world's first "KAMPO TECH" company that uses its knowledge of Kampo medicine and the power of cutting-edge technologies such as AI to solve social issues and bring health and happiness to as many people as possible.


Until now, when talking about Kampo, only "herbal medicine" has been in the spotlight. However, if it is not used based on the correct "Kampo theory," it is said that not only will it not be effective, but there will also be an increased risk of side effects.

We are developing "Kampo software" to make this "Kampo theory" easy to use by anyone, anywhere, anytime. In other words, "KAMPO TECH" is a technology that replicates the performance of a Kampo expert.

Solving social issues

Many people suffer from a general feeling of unwellness*1, which in recent years has been called MUS*2 in the medical field and has become a difficult problem for doctors to treat*3. Kampo medicine has been reported to be effective in treating MUS, but it is said to be difficult to learn and use appropriately.

"KAMPO TECH," which includes a kampo medicine diagnosis support software, will remove these barriers and contribute to solving various issues facing society.

*1 Survey on the actual situation regarding vague illnesses 2022 (Tsumura)

*2 MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms) - Symptoms that are medically difficult to explain
*3 Smith RC, et al: Classification and diagnosis of patients with medically unexplained symptoms. J Gen Intern Med 22: 685―691, 2007.

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Visualizing the "symptoms"* to realize proper and safe Kampo treatment

*Kampo medicine constitution and condition


Kampo business support software (non-SaMD)



Japan Society for Oriental Medicine

We have signed a basic agreement for joint development projects with the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine. We are building a framework for diagnosis, prescription, and lifestyle guidance based on Oriental medical pathological analysis, and are promoting the development of computer software that incorporates the standardization of Oriental medical terminology.

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